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Geneva Music Office. Composer • Linguist • Poet

Sumio Kobayashi





日本音楽コンクールや武満徹作曲賞などの国内で開催されているコンクールをはじめとして I.C.O.M.S. 29°Concorso Internazionale di Composizione, Gyeongsangnam-do Special Prize at Isang Yun Prize,  Pablo Casals International Composition Competition in 2015, International Composers' Competition of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016などのコンクールで入選、入賞。武生国際音楽祭をはじめ国内外の様々な音楽祭に招待され、作品は世界中の演奏家に演奏されている。



ケント大学ヨーロッパ言語・文化科言語学専攻 博士課程(PhD in linguistics)博士号取得


Supervisor: Professor Amalia Arvaniti, Sub-supervisor: Dr Tamara V. Rathcke
Canterbury, United Kingdom





・Finalist at The Music Competition of Japan (Japan), 2009.

・Second Prize at I.C.O.M.S. 29th International Composition Contest (Italy), 2011.

・Gyeongsangnam-do Special Prize (second prize) at Isang Yun Prize (Korea), 2011.                              

・Mullord Award at The fourth annual Alvarez Chamber Orchestra International Composition Competition (United Kingdom), 2012.

・Second Prize at Toru Takemitsu Composition Award (Japan), 2013.

・Second Prize at 6ème Concours International de Musique du Festival Pablo Casals (France), 2015, Juries; Michel LETHIEC, Karine LETHIEC, Members of Ensemble Calliopée, RALF GOTHÓNI, David Philip HEFTI, Vladimir MENDELSSOHN, Arto NORAS, Jörg Widmann, Marc-André DALBAVIE.

・First Prize at 2016 Busan MARU International Music Festival Composition Competition (Korea), 2016

・First Prize at International Composers’ Competition EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE WROCŁAW 2016 (Poland), 2016. Juries; CHEN Yi, Ivan FEDELE, Zygmunt KRAUZE, (Chairman), François-Bernard MÂCHE, Grażyna PSTROKOŃSKA-NAWRATIL.



・Japan Student Services Organization First-Class Scholarship for outstanding master thesis and academic achievement (with full exemption from refund), 2011
・Mie International ,Exchange Foundation Scholarship, 2014



・Languages: English (C1), French (B2-C1), Japanese (native) and Russian



・Takefu International Music Festival (Japan), 2010, 2013, 2014
・Icon Arts Contemporary Music Festival (Romania), 2013
・Tongyeong International Music Festival (Korea), 2015


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